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Events and webinars

Recession or rethink? What the fundamentals tell us about economic prospects in 2023

Watch our dedicated, in-house, experts in each of these sectors as they take a deep dive into the present state of play, explaining the fundamentals which make them especially sensitive to economic cycles, describing current market sentiment and looking ahead to future prospects.

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International Women’s Month 2023 | Conversations That Matter

At Quilter Cheviot we are on a mission to transform women’s financial futures and we’re thrilled to be hosting our second International Women’s Month webinar series – Conversations that matter, highlighting the conversations that really matter to female investors.

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Are we on the road to recovery?

Watch Chris Beckett, Head of Equity Research, Richard Carter, Head of Fixed Interest Research, and Nick Wood, Head of Investment Fund Research, as they discuss global economic and market prospects for 2023. The panel will deep dive into the difficulties investor faced in 2022, analyse their sectors and areas of expertise and assess if the fundamentals are pointing to recovery in 2023.

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Catch up on previous events and webinars

All of the events and webinars Quilter Cheviot have run are available for you to watch when you need.

Events and webinars

UK Autumn Budget 2022 – impact, outlook and what it means for you

Stability, growth and public services were the focus of the UK’s Autumn Statement, according to the chancellor. In clear contrast to his predecessor’s mini-budget, Hunt announced that taxes will rise “substantially” while government spending will be cut. Watch back now to hear our experts’ take on what this could mean for client portfolios and the markets in 2023.

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Insights from Quilter Cheviot’s female clients survey

As part of our ongoing commitment to listen to the needs of our female clients, we invite you to join us as we reveal the results of Quilter Cheviot’s first female client survey.

To join us for Insights from Quilter Cheviot’s female clients survey on Wednesday October 19th, register via the link below.

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Preparing for life after education

Empowering the next generation and supporting them throughout their financial journey ties in closely with our purpose of building a secure and prosperous future for our clients and their loved ones.

Life after education

Tax under the microscope

Are your client’s paying more tax than ever before?

We look at some clear and concise tips in dealing with clients with complicated tax queries, making their investments far more tax efficient.

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Analyst Webinar Series: New Horizons

January – December 2022

Join us for our Monthly series, commencing 27 January 2022. We will be answering your questions on current investment trends, how the world is getting back on track, and most importantly, where are we heading in the coming years.

Analyst Webinar Series: New Horizons
New horizons

International Women’s Month | Conversations That Matter

March 2022

Join us as we uncover some of the challenges women may face during their financial journeys as well as celebrating the amazing achievements women have made all while balancing home and working life.

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What are the economic consequences of the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

Wednesday March 16 | 11am (GMT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine has sent shockwaves around the world and caused wild gyrations in financial markets. The rapid escalation of Russian troops’ actions, from aggressive posturing under the guise of military exercises to a full-blown conflict in just a matter of weeks, has sharply heightened geopolitical tensions.

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Russian and Ukrainian flags

Transforming Women’s Financial Futures

Quilter Cheviot and the WealthiHer team take you through how women view their wealth, including the biggest indicators across all facets of life.

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Bi-weekly webinar series: Getting back to the future

Watch back our final Analyst webinar series of 2021, focused on getting ‘Back to The Future’. Our Analysts discussed the current key topics as well as look into the sectors they believe will be impacting your client’s portfolio over the coming years.

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Advising female clients

Our webinar series explains the challenges women face throughout their lives and the impact that has on the way in which we need to approach female financial planning to help them overcome investment barriers.

Advising female clients

The value of your investments and the income from them can fall and you may not recover what you invested.