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Events and webinars

Power, politics and changing world with Tim Marshall

The webinar will be presented by Tim Marshall, author of ‘Prisoners of Geography’ and many other best-selling titles. Tim describes us as deep into the multi-polar era, but there are signs of a return to a form of the bi-polar world of previous generations. The multi-polar world is a complicated one in which countries can get away with playing the big powers against each other resulting in a complex web of overlapping relationships. The coming bi-polar world will differ from the previous iteration, but we will see two blocks forming, one led by China, the other by the USA. During this transition climate change, population movement, and AI will affect politics everywhere. Will it be a time of uncertainty? When has it ever not been…

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Paraplanner Breakfast Talks

We are pleased to present our 2023 Paraplanner Week, back for its 4th year. Here at Quilter Cheviot, we believe that Paraplanners play an essential and fundamental role in the financial planning process. We are committed to supporting the paraplanning profession to further build on your expertise. Your skill set is integral to client outcomes and understanding client needs. The series will offer essential learning covering a range of topics including Consumer Duty, regulation in 2024, market and political update, vulnerable clients and our geopolitical outlook with guest speaker, Tim Marshall (Reporter and Author of Prisoners of Geography).

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Female Financial View: Menopause Month

We are delighted to be joined by some truly inspirational speakers as we uncover the physical and mental impact women face and hear from our experts on how to navigate menopause, which still remains a taboo subject in many workplaces.

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International Women’s Month 2023 | Conversations That Matter

At Quilter Cheviot we are on a mission to transform women’s financial futures and we’re thrilled to be hosting our second International Women’s Month webinar series – Conversations that matter, highlighting the conversations that really matter to female investors.

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Are we on the road to recovery?

Watch Chris Beckett, Head of Equity Research, Richard Carter, Head of Fixed Interest Research, and Nick Wood, Head of Investment Fund Research, as they discuss global economic and market prospects for 2023. The panel will deep dive into the difficulties investor faced in 2022, analyse their sectors and areas of expertise and assess if the fundamentals are pointing to recovery in 2023.

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Catch up on previous events and webinars

All of the events and webinars Quilter Cheviot have run are available for you to watch when you need.

Events and webinars

Preparing for life after education

Empowering the next generation and supporting them throughout their financial journey ties in closely with our purpose of building a secure and prosperous future for our clients and their loved ones.

Life after education

Tax under the microscope

Are your client’s paying more tax than ever before?

We look at some clear and concise tips in dealing with clients with complicated tax queries, making their investments far more tax efficient.

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Analyst Webinar Series: New Horizons

We will be answering your questions on current investment trends, how the world is getting back on track, and most importantly, where are we heading in the coming years.

Analyst Webinar Series: New Horizons
New horizons

Transforming Women’s Financial Futures

Quilter Cheviot and the WealthiHer team take you through how women view their wealth, including the biggest indicators across all facets of life.

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The value of your investments and the income from them can fall and you may not recover what you invested.