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Investment philosophy and process

At Quilter Cheviot, we understand that there are several reasons you might want to invest. So, we put your goals and expectations at the heart of our investment philosophy.

Our philosophy is founded on a belief in the active management of your investments. This gives us the flexibility to quickly respond to and take advantage of market changes.

We believe in investing in a range of diverse, uncorrelated asset classes (known as diversification). Having a well-diversified portfolio spreads the risk across your investments, so if one asset type performs badly, the overall performance of your portfolio should be supported by the others.

Our investment process delivers:

1. Rigorous investment framework

Bringing together our dedicated research teams and Investment Managers for optimum, risk-adjusted potential returns.

2. Long-term returns

Portfolios centred on long-term returns enhanced by exploiting market inefficiencies and active, shorter-term, tactical asset allocation decisions.

3. Forward-looking investment process

Our process combines our top-down view with bottom-up recommendations generated by our in-house analysts and Investment Managers.

4. Due diligence

The reassurance that all investment opportunities are subject to a robust due diligence process and review by our investment committees.

5. Research expertise

Access to our dedicated in-house research team finding and validating the best investment opportunities.

6. Investment styles

A mix of investment styles adapted to the market cycle giving due emphasis to future trends within portfolios.

Responsible investment

Our responsible investment approach includes active ownership (stewardship), ESG integration and ESG screening as well offering more targeted solutions for clients who want their portfolios to reflect specific interests or preferences.

Our approach to responsible investment

Our research capability

All our investment decisions are underpinned by research carried out by our in-house team who have an extensive expertise in direct equity, fixed income and collective investments.

Research capability

Specialist Expertise

We are experts in many areas, with individuals and families trusting our expertise for generations.

Specialist Expertise

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The value of your investments and the income from them can fall and you may not recover what you invested.