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Understanding your objectives

We are always mindful that the investments are held to further the charity’s objectives. Part of our role is to help you make informed decisions in the best interests of your organisation. To achieve this, we will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your aspirations for the future and the ongoing challenges facing your organisation.

Open two-way dialogue is the key to a successful relationship, and we are always conscious of the responsibilities facing trustees. We use our experience and investment expertise to help to assess the right investment strategy to meet your aims and objectives. Part of our initial discussion is to explore the various options to achieve and help you understand the potential risk and rewards of adopting particular strategies for your charity’s objectives.

Statement of investment policy

Your goals and investment objectives should be set out in a statement of investment policy which acts as an important framework for helping trustees to manage the charity's resources effectively.

If you are writing your policy and not sure where to start, read our useful guide including helpful tips and legal requirements to be aware of.

Writing your statement of investment policy

Understanding and delivering your objectives

Your objectives are the guiding principle behind the structure of any investments.

So, it is important to understand what the purpose of the investment portfolio will be - whether it be a source of income or long-term reserves where the income is not as important.

Other things to consider include:

  • expenditure plans
  • risk profile
  • ethical requirements.

Our investment services

For some charity clients, a discretionary portfolio will be the best solution, while for others the most effective way to manage their portfolio may be through our specialist charity multi-asset fund.

Before we make a recommendation, we will speak to the trustees about the appropriate risk profile for the return target, as well as any ethical considerations which may need to be flexible to meet the charity’s changing requirements over time.

Our investment services

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