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Here you will find the latest company news, press releases as well as spokespeople and areas of commentary. For more information, please contact the Press Team.
Press release 2017-06-22

Quilter Cheviot Returns As Headline Sponsor For BBC Countryfile Live 2017

Investment management company Quilter Cheviot, part of Old Mutual Wealth, is proud to announce its return as headline sponsor of BBC Countryfile Li...
Press release 2017-06-12

Diary of a Fund Manager as ‘press release of the day’

Simon English, Senior City Correspondent, Evening Standard yesterday voted Diary of a Fund Manager as ‘press release of the day’: “Most comm...
Economics 2017-06-09

Election result leaves legacy of uncertainty

Theresa May’s decision to call an early election has surprisingly backfired, leaving the country with a hung parliament rather than an increased ...
Economics 2017-06-08

Japan: reasons to be cheerful

Today Japan looks attractive for a number of reasons. The country remains a significant beneficiary of the pick-up in global growth. It continues t...
Economics 2017-06-08

Indian equities test investors’ mettle

Investing in emerging markets divides opinion, as it has the reputation of a roller coaster on which many are too queasy to hitch a ride. For inves...
Market insights 2017-06-06

Real rates spending power

The UK economy has defied doom-laden predictions since the EU referendum in June 2016, with barely a blip on its upward path. Consumer spending has...
Press release 2017-05-22

Quilter Cheviot celebrates its international achievements with double industry award wins

JERSEY: Wealth management firm, Quilter Cheviot, part of Old Mutual Wealth, continues to be recognised for its international achievements, receivin...
Press release 2017-04-24

Quilter Cheviot Says the Future Is Bright After Strong First Year In UAE

Quilter Cheviot, part of Old Mutual Wealth, believes the UAE continues to be a buoyant and lucrative market for financial services firms following ...