Everyone’s got one: a secret list of photographic hot spots or happenings that they’d love to shoot for themselves. Whatever genre you prefer to shoot, we can all agree that there are some sights that are absolutely guaranteed to both raise your camera and your spirits. Are any of our picks on your list?

The Milky Way

It’s above our heads almost every evening, yet many of us only dream about shooting this astrological stunner for themselves: as the nights start to get longer, why not set yourself a challenge of capturing it on camera before the year’s out?

Dunstanburgh Castle

It’s a photographic must-do: this remote castle is found on the Northumberland coast, and many, many photographers have battled the elements to capture it over the years. Question is, can you do any better? Best hit the road and find out…

The snow monkeys of Jigokudani Yaen Koen, Japan

We’ve all seen the photos of the “snow monkeys”, or the Japanese macaques that love nothing more than bathing in the region’s famous hot springs: just imagine how much fun it would be to shoot them for yourself! Long lenses and overcoats all round.

Sycamore Gap, Hadrian’s Wall

This iconic tree’s been the subject of more photographs than we’ve had hot dinners – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying your hand at capturing this stunning location on camera. Try a distance shot, or experiment with a creative effect: maybe you’ll be the one to take the definitive shot of this lonely tree…

Ian Savage, photography expert and author.

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The Wave, Arizona

Only ten people per day are allowed permits to see this stunning sandstone formation for themselves: and if you’re lucky enough to land one, you’ll face a difficult hike through challenging conditions. But the colours, lines and truly exquisite natural rock formations make it worth it. Definitely on our list.

Venice, Italy

Aah, Venice: there’s nothing quite like it to soothe the soul of an uninspired photographer. Beautiful images, glorious architecture and unmissable street moments lurk around every corner: just make sure you pack extra memory cards and batteries galore.

The Northern Lights

Truly, an once-in-a-lifetime spectacular: this celestial display has got to be on every photographer’s list. If you’re heading North, dramatic Aurora action isn’t guaranteed – but if you plan your trip carefully and keep your fingers crossed, you and your camera should be treated to a stunning aerial show.