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Diary of a fund manager - 5 November 2018 - Mushy Middle

In an almost conventional way it was a better week for investors. Equities went up, bonds and the price of a barrel of oil down and gold was unchanged.


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- Well Done David!

Diary of a fund manager

Diary of a Fund Manager - Mushy Middle

05 November 2018

This week’s Diary includes news about and from cars, trains and the London Underground with observations about the interaction between politics, confidence and economic growth. Also, Sheffield’s China connection.

Diary of a fund manager

Diary of a Fund Manager - Letter from Sheffield

29 October 2018

What’s up with markets, thoughts on why local authorities are sometimes the only buyers of commercial property, observations about Sheffield and some swimming are the component parts of this week’s Diary.

Diary of a fund manager

Diary of a Fund Manager - Eliot or Tolstoy?

22 October 2018

Rolling news from an ever changing world, actions with unintended consequences and news from Belfast are this week’s preoccupations, along with the benefits of reading a good novel.

Diary of a fund manager


15 October 2018

It may not seem like it but markets are in a holding pattern at the moment as the tectonic plates of change grind ever onwards. This week’s Diary focuses on what the short term traders are up to, snippets of information from the inside pages and the challenges of being in business.

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About the author

David Miller is a Quilter Cheviot Executive Director and active investment manager. He makes regular appearances on TV and radio and is the author of the prizewinning weekly, Diary of a Fund Manager which now has a global circulation list of over 20,000. In a career spanning four decades, he has worked as a stockbroker and then fund manager, advising private individuals throughout, for the last ten years at Quilter Cheviot which is part of the Old Mutual Group. He read Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and is a committed empiricist, suspicious of economists with theories.

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