Changing consumer habits and building a more sustainable future

To mark our anniversary, we have partnered with industry experts to explore some of the key themes that have taken place over the last two and half centuries – exploring how past trends have shaped the world we live in today and where we will be 250 years from now.

Over the course of this hour we will look at some of the key environmental changes the world has faced over the last 250 years, how these have shaped todays’ world and how they will continue to impact the years ahead. With a particular focus on consumer habits we’ll explore how businesses and individuals are reacting to these changes: Has covid-19 accelerated some of the trends that had already begun? How are businesses integrating these trends into their offerings? How are consumers reacting? And, how can investors play their part?

Event Details

Changing consumer habits and building a more sustainable future

Date: Thursday 8 July, 2021
Start time: 12:30pm

Guest Speakers

Mary Portas, Retail expert, Portas Agency

Mary Portas is a retail expert and founder of Portas Agency, a creative consultancy headquarted in London and Melbourne, that explores the future of shopping and living. She has advised government, transformed both luxury and high street stores, written books and produced a host of retail and business-themed TV programmes. Author of Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto For Change, she delivers an inspiring message of how businesses and individuals can adapt, transform and lead.


David Butler
Head of Distribution
Gemma Woodward
Executive Director and Director of Responsible Investment