Process in focus

Your investment manager will be guided by the findings of our knowledgeable Investment Oversight, Asset Allocation, UK and International Security Selection committees. These teams of experienced professionals meet regularly to discuss the investment environment and any opportunities and risks they have identified. They also provide the recommended asset allocations and investment selections to our investment management teams, which are used to implement investment strategies for each charity

Dedicated investment manager

Investment managers also participate in our investment process, from company visits and internal discussions, to analysing external broker research and assessing investment themes. This process informs their decisions, but your requirements remain absolutely paramount. Our investment process combines our top-down view, based largely on macro-economic inputs and market valuations, with bottom-up recommendations from our team of in-house analysts.

Our investment process

  • A rigorous investment framework: Bringing together our dedicated research and investment manager teams for optimum potential returns.
  • Portfolios centred on long-term returns: Enhanced by exploiting market inefficiencies and active, shorter-term, tactical asset allocation decisions.
  • A forward-looking investment process: Combining our top-down view, based largely on macro-economic inputs and market valuations, with bottom-up recommendations generated by our in-house analysts and investment managers.
  • Due Diligence: The reassurance that all investment opportunities are subject to a robust due diligence process.
  • Access to our dedicated in-house research team: Finding and validating the best investment opportunities.
  • A mix of styles adapted to the market cycle: Giving due emphasis to future trends within portfolios

Asset allocation

We create portfolios using our flexible multi-asset approach to investing, which enables us to meet the charity’s long-term individual needs
Our asset allocation process is forward looking, dynamic and not based solely on backward-looking statistics. We divide assets into three building blocks, each playing complementary roles:
  • Low-risk liquid assets, including government bonds, high-quality corporate bonds and cash.
  • Equities and lower-grade corporate bonds and private equity funds.
  • Diversifier assets that reduce or offset equity risk during periods of market stress. They may include precious metals, unleveraged commercial property, infrastructure and specialist property funds.

Third-party funds

We can select third-party funds when necessary, outsourcing the implementation of an investment idea to an external team with the specialist experience and skills required.
Our size and associated buying power enable us to invest on favourable terms for your charity. This reduces the cost of investment and enables us to meet the fund managers of our recommended funds.
Our knowledgeable Investment Funds Committee determines the selection of investment funds. The committee provides investment managers with a diverse collection of funds spanning major global markets, across the market-capitalisation spectrum, managed under various style biases and with differing risk profiles.
Funds are selected in accordance with Quilter Cheviot’s investment strategy, involving quantitative and qualitative analysis, with significant importance placed on meeting the individual fund managers and their teams. These funds are then rigorously analysed and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Investment selection

Our UK and International Stock Committees draw on the expertise of our research team to identify the best quality companies available at attractive valuations.

Our skilful researchers cover sectors on a global basis and combine detailed individual company analysis with regular senior-level management meetings.
We have the technical expertise required to invest directly in individual equities and bonds. This approach gives us more freedom to implement our investment ideas efficiently and cost-effectively.

Corporate governance

We prefer to invest in companies with high standards of corporate governance because they prioritise the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders rather than those of management. We monitor the actions, policies and decisions of the boards of companies we invest in and participate in voting at shareholder meetings. This helps to ensure our client’s interests as a shareholder are protected.

If you want to know more

Come and see us so we can tell you more about how we work with Charities.

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