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ESG screening

ESG screening involves applying filters to lists of potential investments. This can be based on individual preferences, values or ethics or used to screen out entire sectors.

Our approach to ESG screening

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We take a selective approach to exclusionary screening criteria as, in general, we believe most clients wish to retain broad market exposure.


Ethical and values-oriented investment

Ethical investing is the practice of using your ethical views and values as the main filter for selecting where your money is invested.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to ethical investments. We will work with you to exclude certain companies or sectors from your portfolio if you feel they do not align to your personal preferences.

Guide to Ethical Investing

Controversial weapons policy

Quilter Cheviot has a firmwide position with respect to investments in companies involved in controversial weapons.

These weapons are subject to international and national law and are of concern due to their humanitarian consequences and the unacceptable harm caused to civilians through their use.

We will not knowingly invest directly in securities (equity or debt) of listed companies involved in the manufacture, development or trade of:

  • anti-personnel mines
  • cluster munitions
  • components or services of the core weapon system which are considered tailor-made and essential for the lethal use of such weapons

Our policy applies to portfolios directly managed by Quilter Cheviot where we have discretion over security selection. It does not apply to collectives managed by third party fund managers, however, we do encourage them to disclose their policy with respect to controversial weapons.

Information regarding companies’ involvement in anti-personnel mines or cluster munitions is provided by an independent third-party provider.

Controversial weapons policy

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The value of your investments and the income from them can fall and you may not recover what you invested.