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Climate Assets Funds

Pioneers in sustainable investment with a track record of strong returns over more than a decade

The Climate Assets Funds, Climate Assets Balanced and Climate Assets Growth, invest in companies that provide sustainability solutions.

The Funds:

  • Are actively managed, with a multi-asset investment approach.
  • Focus on investing in companies that offer sustainable solutions. Often this means providing solutions to the global and emerging challenge of delivering ‘more with less’ for a rapidly growing population with a low carbon footprint.
  • Are suitable for investors who have either a balanced or growth risk appetite.

How do I access the funds?

Our Climate Assets Funds

  Climate Assets
Balanced Fund
Climate Assets
Growth Fund
Positive investment themes Clean Energy, Food, Health, Resource Efficiency & Water
Key negative criteria Adult Content, Alcohol, Armaments, Fossil Fuels, Gambling, Nuclear & Tobacco
Investment objective Capital Growth & Income Capital Growth
Equity content 60% to 75% 75% to 95%
Benchmark Investment Association 40%-85% Mixed Investment shares Investment Association Global
Launch year 2010 2022

The Funds exclude companies that generate revenue from controversial sectors within the economy.

Five positive investment themes

Proven track record of strong returns

COLWMA 2022: winner, Best Fund

Investment Approach

Investing mainly in company shares, the Funds also include exposure to government bonds to help protect the portfolio and alternative assets like renewable energy infrastructure. High quality medium and large companies are favoured, to help reduce the volatility of returns that may occur when investing in smaller companies.

For more information on the Funds' performance, please see the latest factsheet or contact your Business Development Manager or Investment Manager today.

How do I access the funds?

You can invest in the Climate Assets fund directly or through one of the platform mentioned in the dropdown below.

Please note that some data providers may refer to the Climate Assets Funds as The Sun Portfolio Fund - Climate Assets Balanced Fund or Climate Assets Growth Fund; Thesis Climate Assets Balanced Fund or Thesis Climate Assets Growth Fund; or TM Climate Assets Balanced Fund or TM Climate Assets Growth Fund.

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