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Advising female clients: Initial Presentation

Date: 04 May 2021

Initial Presentation

The first webinar of the five-part series, Advising Female Clients, took place on 4 May. We discussed the challenges women face throughout their lives and the impact that has on the way in which we need to approach female financial planning to help them overcome investment barriers. It is critical that women do not get left behind on their financial journeys and this requires the industry, as a whole, to work together.

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Investment Manager, Vanessa Eve, debunked the myth that the push for financial equality between genders is just a fad by highlighting how women are taking a greater role within financial decision making and how this is likely to accelerate further in the future. To support this, studies by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and JP Morgan forecast that more than half of UK millionaires by 2025 will be women, with two-thirds of British women saying they are currently the main financial decision maker within their household.

Given the proportion of women that say they are the lead decisionmaker for their household’s finances, it is critical that these women feel confident in investing and are educated about what to do with their finances by knowing all of their options.

Therefore, advisers should be engaging with female clients just as much as their male counterparts not just for the societal benefits, but also from a business point of view. Some 70% of women in the UK are not engaging with investments with some factors for this including that they feel patronised when liaising with advisers and investment professionals. As women have longer life expectancies, and are therefore expected to inherit much of the wealth in the near future, it is vital that they are engaged in conversations around their family’s finances from the beginning to ensure their finances are fully protected for the long-term.


Source: Quilter Cheviot

If you would like to find out more on the importance of female clients and what factors to consider when engaging with them, you can view the webinar series by clicking on the button above.


Vanessa Eve

Associate Director
Vanessa works extensively with private clients and intermediaries holding seminars on the management of private investments as well as advising individuals on their existing and ongoing investments. Vanessa specialises in the bespoke management and construction of portfolios for Family Offices, Company Pension Schemes and Charitable Organisations.

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