At Quilter Cheviot we are here to help you invest for a lifetime of opportunities and challenges. We are experts in this area, with individuals and families trusting our expertise for generations.

We are enjoying longer lives than ever before, but affording quality long-term care later in life can be a concern for many. 

Achieving your goals

Whether you want to preserve or grow your wealth, or use it to provide an income, your dedicated investment manager can create and continually manage an investment portfolio that meets your individual needs.
Even if your goals change over time, we can make changes to your portfolio as and when necessary.

Providing for your family

Major life events usually revolve around family, so it’s good to be prepared – whether for times of celebration or in case of emergency.
Allow us to create a bespoke investment portfolio so you can harness your wealth and provide for your family both now and over the long term.

School fees

We all want the best for our children, and one place to start is by providing a good education.
Whether nursery, school or university fees, education is one the largest outgoings you will have in your lifetime. We can help you prepare your savings so you are ready for these costs.

Passing on your wealth

We understand that one day you will want to pass on your savings in the most efficient way possible.
Whether you want to provide for your children, grandchildren or donate to philanthropic causes, we will review your assets and put together an investment proposal for you taking into account tax efficiencies and inheritance tax (IHT).

Selling your business

When you have put years of effort into building your business, you want to see the hard work pay off.
Rely on your discretionary investment manager to look after your investments, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your financial future is secure.


Bespoke portfolios allow us the flexibility to make adjustments if and when your circumstances should change.
So in what is undoubtedly an anxious time, let us help you take stock. We will use our expertise to manage any funds derived from divorce settlements.

Life after work

Whether you want to travel the world or take up new hobbies, now is the time to enjoy the wealth you worked so hard for.
A tailored investment portfolio or a well managed pension portfolio can give you the flexibility to enjoy your well-deserved retirement the way that you want.

Later in life

With a little careful planning sooner rather than later, you can reduce the stress involved in paying for care later in life.
We can help you get an idea of the costs involved, so that you can start to plan your financial situation accordingly.

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Anne Swithinbank is a author, presenter and horticulture expert providing seasonal tips to help get the best from your garden.

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Anne Swithinbank is an author, presenter and horticulture expert providing seasonal tips to help get the best from your garden.

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