Busting the myths that stop you from investing in your future

Quilter Cheviot is cutting through the many myths that surround investing to help you take a fresh look at your finances, evaluate whether they’re robust enough to support your plans and prepare properly for the future you deserve.

Low investment uptake

People can often be put off investing by market falls; 52% of women and 37% of men in the UK have never held an investment. Our myth-buster on whether now is a bad time to invest explains why the right time to invest is often whenever you are ready. We’ve also looked at why cash might not be a safe option for your money in the long term.

Timing is everything

In investment terms, it’s never too soon or too late to start. Thinking that retirement is a long way off is one of the most damaging myths around. A recent survey by Which? found that, couples wanting a high standard of retirement who start saving in their 20s would need to find £572 a month. That increases to £1072 a month for a couple starting to save in their 40s. So don’t think you’re prepared just because you have a pension. Take action now to make sure you’re saving enough, and if you’re at retirement age, consider the case for staying invested in retirement.

Take control of your future finances

We understand that investing in your future is a big responsibility, which is why we work closely with you to understand your values and your investment aims, so that together we can build a strategy that works. Our dedicated investment managers will create and continually manage an investment portfolio that adapts to your circumstances and helps you achieve the best possible future. You may be surprised how accessible wealth management is.

So you have property?

For many people, their home is their largest investment. Plans to release the equity tied up in their homes through downsizing often form part of a broader retirement plan. However, economic and social pressures creating house market volatility have seen prices declining and a reduction in buyers in recent months. Whilst the property market is cyclical in nature, if your retirement coincides with a period of volatility, or when sales are static or prices depressed, you could have a problem if you’re depending on your property to boost your retirement fund.

Importance of investing
One of the most common questions we receive is whether now is a good time to invest. People raise any number of issues when talking to us about timing their investments, including political uncertainty, concern over valuations, and negative stories they see in the newspapers or wider media.
Importance of investing
People naturally tend to think that cash is a safer bet. After all, for much of the past thirty years, banks paid an interest rate above the rate of inflation, meaning savers could put their money away knowing that it would steadily increase in value over time.
Importance of investing
In my role leading on our responsible and ethical investment approaches at Quilter Cheviot, I often get questions about how we can incorporate people’s ethical concerns into portfolios.
Importance of investing
Relatively few people consider themselves to be ‘wealthy’. We generally tend to assume that wealthy is a label applied to other people, with surveys suggesting ‘wealthy’ is only applicable to someone with a net worth of around £10m.