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Coronavirus has led to a rise in fraudsters who are impersonating Quilter Cheviot and other financial service providers. To become scam smart and avoid the risk of losing money, our Financial Risk experts are urging all customers to review our guidance. Take 4 minutes now to protect your future and keep your finances safe and secure.

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In this week’s Diary a look at the world around us and the implications for investment, why politicians and scientists find it difficult to understand each other and a link between inflating bubbles and index tracking.
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The FTSE 100 is called to open 5 points lower at 6710. Stocks dipped Friday from records and equity futures fell as restrictions to curb escalating coronavirus cases dented some of the optimism over earnings and plans for additional stimulus.
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As we enter a New Year, the world is still wrestling with the Coronavirus pandemic. Looking back to the beginning of 2020, the year followed on from a reasonably strong performing 2019, and this momentum certainly continued for most of the first quarter.
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The dominance of mega caps has led to some big moves in index weightings and in some cases, these indices are becoming less useful for investors to use as a comparator.

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We are able to track our heritage back over 240 years and have been helping charities with their investments for nearly as long. To help ensure we fully understand the issues facing our clients, we actively encourage members of staff to take up a trusteeship with a wide range of charitable organisations or act as volunteer independent investment advisors on charity investment sub-committees.

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