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MPS in the Loop

The latest vlog posts from the MPS team.


Equity Analyst, Tom Gilbey, takes us through recent geopolitical events that have impacted on supply chains. Tom talks us through what companies are doing to diversify their supply chains and the complexities that this can cause.

Watch time: 5 minutes


Head of Fixed Interest Research, Richard Carter, talks us through a difficult 18 months for bond investors, the current landscape and impact of interest rate changes and inflation on the market for investors. Plus where he currently sees the best opportunities for clients.

Watch time: 5 minutes


Jarek Pominkiewicz, Industrials Analyst, takes us through the first quarter of 2023 and how the industrials sector has performed. With such a broad sector to monitor, which areas have performed strongly, where have the weaknesses been, and most importantly, what has been the share price reaction?

Watch time: 5 minutes

Consumer Discretionary

Mamta Valechha, Equity Analyst, introduces us to the consumer discretionary sector. What does this sector cover and how has it fared over the past 12 months? Plus some of the companies she sees as investment opportunities at the moment.

Watch time: 5 minutes


What did 2022 mean for the healthcare sector? Healthcare Analyst Sheena Berry takes us through the sector and the subsectors - pharmaceuticals, biotechs, medical technology companies, life sciences tools, health insurance companies and animal health. Which of these performed badly and which have presented the best investment opportunities over the last year?

Watch time: 5 minutes


In this edition of MPS In the Loop, hear from Fund Research Analyst Ghaz Saleem, as he takes us through the current infrastructure landscape, looking at the factors that affected infrastructure investments over the course of 2022 and where he sees opportunities in 2023.

Watch time: 4 minutes


Whilst there are different ways to approach property investment, there are both opportunities and risks to manage. In this edition of MPS In the Loop, Oli Creasey, Equity Analyst and Head of Property Research at Quilter Cheviot. Oli takes us through the ways of investing in property, the key risk to be aware of and some of the investment opportunities he's currently monitoring.

Watch time: 5 minutes

Cyber security

A key distinction of the MPS Building Blocks structure is its ability to incorporate direct equity recommendations from our leading research team. In this MPS In the Loop, hear from Ben Barringer, Senior Equity Analyst covering global technology, media and telecoms. Ben takes us through cyber security, why we should be paying attention to it and the companies he’s monitoring.

Watch time: 5 minutes

Responsible investment in practice

Kirsty Ward, Responsible Investment Analyst, shines a light on our approach to Responsible Investment within the Managed Portfolio Service.

Watch time: 4 minutes

Asia and Emerging Markets

As part of the MPS structure, our Asian and Emerging markets equity exposure is through external collected funds held within one of our 'Building Block' funds. Carly Moorhouse, Asian and Emerging Markets Fund Research Analyst, explains more in this episode.

Watch time: 4 minutes


As part of the new MPS 'Building Blocks' structure, we are able to incorporate the research expertise and recommendations of our 10 strong team of direct equity analysts. This session the MPS team are joined by Ben Barringer our Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Analyst. We are going to be focussing on semiconductors, a topic that has dominated headlines since the start of the pandemic.

Watch time: 4 minutes

The Electric Revolution

With Tesla recently joining the trillion dollar club and every company seemingly producing an electric vehicle. Mamta talks us through the so called electric revolution.

Watch time: 5 minutes

An insight into Fund Research

MPS reflects the central investment process here at Quilter Cheviot, and it therefore incorporates recommendations from both our Equity and Fund Research teams. This session the MPS team are joined by Nick Wood our Head of Fund Research to talk about the role his team plays in the construction of our strategies and the key trends he is seeing at the moment. This is MPS in the Loop.

Watch time: 5 minutes

An introduction to MPS in the Loop

This is the first in a series of short videos, where we will be showcasing the various aspects of our Managed Portfolio Service.

Watch time: 2 minutes

Managed Portfolio Service

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Managed Portfolio Service

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