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Taking Stock - After The Bell Podcast

Date: 08 December 2023

Join us in our bi-weekly podcast series, hosted by Quilter Cheviot Investment Managers, Jonathan Raymond and James Hughes. The duo are joined by guests across Quilter Cheviot and beyond, to provide a roundup of the current events shaping markets and their impact on the macroeconomic outlook.

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Autumn Statement Damp Squib

We are joined by Ian Cook, Financial Planner, to discuss the what little news there was from the Autumn Statement. We also delve into the world of financial planning and discuss some of the hand-holding that investors inevitably need on their investing journey.

Peak Rates?

We discuss some of the big moves seen in markets following the lower-than-anticipated inflation figures from both sides of the Atlantic and softening in interest rate expectations. We touch on the continued outperformance of the US equity market and discuss the potential opportunity in UK Smaller Companies.

Reasons for Optimism

The pod's first Away Trip. We are joined this week by James Ashley from Goldman Sachs Asset Management in which we discuss an ever-changing world, opportunities in Asia and Japan, de-globalisation, demographics and artificial intelligence. But more importantly, we conclude that we should remain optimistic for the future.

Commodities For The Win?

A lost decade and a half for energy stocks, dynamics in the oil and gas market right now and copper being the key to the energy transition. With QC's energy and materials analyst, Jamie Maddock.

The End of the Great Moderation

The fake business cycle, pandemic distortions, the end of neoliberalism and why inflation is about power. We are joined by Dario Perkins, Managing Director at TS Lombard.

Inflation, Gold, Bonds and Beer

The philosophy behind generating good long-term returns, inflation, gold, bonds and beer.

If You Like Pina Coladas

GARS closure.  Declining choice for UK investors.  Economic growth errors (big ones).  UK market concentration.  Strava subscriptions.  Small cap renaissance?

The Behaviour Gap

The most ominous graph in property. Work from home and Office REITs. Buffett’s bet on US housebuilders. The cost of investor misbehaviour. Troy’s latest newsletter.

Smart Money Moves

This week we were joined by Charlie Parnell, Founder of Money Guided. Funding your twenties in your thirties. The dangers of avoiding decisions. The Phantom Recession. Deflation is the historical norm. The Choice Paradox. Government pension policy. The Bank of England have the wrong tools for the job.

Ports In a Storm

This week we are joined by our Global Technology, Media and Telecoms analyst Ben Barringer. Tech dominance year to date. Netflix freeloaders. Quality outperformance during recessions. Tech pricing power. Meta’s big turnaround.

Rooks and Investors

The attractions of UK equities. Dividends versus buybacks. The discipline of good fund management. The defence, housebuilder and consumer discretionary sectors.

Gonna Get Burnt

Bank of England in a pickle. Britain’s back to work. An inflexion point for global demographics. Tech stocks don’t need low rates to work. For this episode we are joined by Mike Bell, Global Strategist at JP Morgan.

Lob It In

Why bother taking risk when you can get 4.5% on cash?  Does sentiment follow price?  How can a family earning £200k a year be feeling the squeeze?

The New Tesla

This week we cover the new most controversial stock in the world, why great companies can be bad investments and whether big cities can attract workers back into the office again.

Suburban Dad

JR and James are back to debate suburban fashion sense, review the earnings seasons so far and discuss whether the (to date) unresolved US debt ceiling negotiations are something to worry about. Also, Apple eats the UK market.

The Money Has To Go Somewhere

In our sixth episode of the series, David Henry and James Hardy talk tech earnings, 100% mortgages and why the market is doing exactly what it should be doing. We also find out James’ favourite brand of toothpaste, which is exciting.

Buy High, Sell Low

For episode five we are joined by Antony Webb, our Deputy Head of Managed Portfolio Services. It’s a bit of a chart-fest this week as we game out what a recession might look like for equity and property investors, and there are some practical tips for DIY investors on how to review your own portfolio in there too.

The Tangible Twenties

This week we discuss dividends, look at the performance of equities versus commodities and explore how economic growth doesn’t always translate to stock market growth. There are a couple of literal Easter eggs in there too…

Bailed Out

In our third episode, as bank bailouts are back in the headlines, we are taking a misty eyed look at the Great Financial Crisis – and look for some parallels with today. We are also joined by Gill Clifford, Financial Planner at Quilter Private Client Advisers, who talks us through the implications of the changes to the pension rules announced during the Budget.

The Cost of Fun

Episode two covers pay rises at Pret a Manger, online retail sales, pointless projections and some pearls of wisdom from Warren Buffett.

Revenge of the Footsie

In our first episode we will be discussing all things related to the UK market, touching upon the US equities, big tech, AI, and much more. 

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James Hughes

Investment Director

Jonathan Raymond

Investment Manager

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