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Climate Assets monthly update: Pioneering sustainability

Date: 20 May 2024

1 minute read

Enchanted by a nightingale

Knepp in Sussex has been a pioneer in UK rewilding turning fields back to nature from 2001. I recently made a night-time visit to hear the nightingales sing. Against the trend (a 92% decline since 1970), nightingale numbers have been rising at Knepp, drawn on their return from Africa by the billowing hedgerows and scrub.

Inspiring biodiversity

Standing a couple of meters from a courting nightingale with only the stars for light, hearing his varied notes and tunes piercing the air was an intense experience. The biodiversity at Knepp was also inspiring. Finding a wild sow nursing her piglets in the dark under nesting storks proves ecosystems can restore, even 16 miles from Gatwick.

It also set my mind alight with broader thoughts about the varied benefits of diversity across disciplines. From the pleasure gained listening to the diverse song of the nightingale and the benefits of biodiversity, to portfolio resilience from having diverse investment ideas and the power from embracing diversity of thought.

In daring to be different, like the nightingale singing during the noiseless night, we can all find our place and purpose in the modern world.


Caroline Langley

Investment Director

I have over 16 years of experience in the private client industry and 14 of those are with Quilter Cheviot where I have worked since 2006. I manage private client portfolios (taxable accounts, ISAs and JISAs, trusts, SIPPs, small charities and offshore bonds) working with clients directly or alongside advisers. I am also Deputy Fund Manager for the award-winning Climate Assets Balanced Fund and the Climate Assets Growth Fund.

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