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Supporting you in later life

At Quilter Cheviot, we have experience helping generations of families manage their affairs through later life and in difficult times.

How Quilter Cheviot can help you

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the financial considerations and challenges our clients face, especially with issues like rising diagnoses of dementia.

We can work with legal specialists who handle wills and lasting power of attorney (LPA) or with financial advisers to help find the most tax-efficient way to pass on assets to loved ones. Working this way, and making sure your investments are safe, helps make sure you’re prepared for whatever the future brings.

The way we help our clients is changing all the time.

Supporting you in later life

Financial passport

A loss of capacity or death will cause distress and much difficulty. Unfortunately, at times like these you may still have to deal with practical matters such as the management of household finances. A financial passport is a simple way of gathering key financial information such as bank account details in one place, so it can easily be accessed when needed.

Lasting power of attorney

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legal document that names the person who will look after a relative’s affairs in case of loss of mental capacity or death. There are two types: a Property and Financial affairs LPA and a Health and Welfare LPA. The Property and Financial Affairs LPA comes into play either at a time of the relative’s choosing, or when the relative has been deemed to have lost their mental capacity.


Wills are essential to minimise upheaval at a time that’s already difficult for all. A Will should be kept updated to reflect any changing circumstances and you may want to make changes to pass assets in a more tax-efficient way. A solicitor can help review your loved one’s will.

Dementia initiative

We believe we have an important role in helping to raise awareness of dementia. Our client base is older than the UK population, so when we talk to our clients, we are talking to one of the groups most at risk of dementia. By raising awareness of the condition, we can encourage people to seek help earlier, and therefore have a better quality of life.

As discretionary investment managers, we often see the impact dementia can have on someone and their loved ones first-hand. So, we have joined forces with The Brain Charity and other organisations to help raise awareness of the condition, and to start helping people living with dementia more broadly.

We have specially trained ‘Dementia Champions’ in each of our regional offices, who understand the condition, what the symptoms are, and how they can help people with dementia. By making subtle behavioural changes, we can help maintain the independence of our clients and their control over their finances.

Our Champions also provide wider training and awareness seminars to people we work closely with, such as financial advisers.

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The value of your investments and the income from them can fall and you may not recover what you invested.