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Building a relationship with you and understanding your client’s requirements and objectives is paramount to ensuring the successful  management of your client’s investment.

Our initial meeting

During our initial meeting with your client, we will discuss their goals and expectations and their attitude to risk and reward. Your client’s investment manager will then discuss potential options for achieving their aims, balanced by the level of acceptable risk.

Your client will also be able to discuss our investment strategies and investment philosophy in as much detail as they want. Their investment manager will discuss costs and charges during the first meeting and throughout their relationship.

Investment proposal

After understanding your client’s expectations, their investment manager will send a document outlining your client’s requirements and proposing the mix of investments they think best fit their attitude to risk and objectives. The document will summarise the asset allocation of their portfolio as well as detailing a proposed investment portfolio. They will also receive application forms enabling them to open an account with us.

Once your client has signed up

Once your client has opened their account, their investment manager will regularly meet with you and your client to discuss and provide feedback on their portfolio and ensure everything is in accordance with your client’s wishes. Your client will receive regular reports between meetings including:

  • A portfolio valuation
  • Performance report
  • Transaction schedule
  • Capital and income statements
  • Commentary on market conditions.

Online access

You and your client can also view their portfolio valuation and statements online, using our secure website and our secure tablet and smartphone apps.


To make things simple for you, we will provide a tax year-end pack for investments that need to be recorded in your client’s tax return. This includes:

  • A consolidated tax certificate
  • Valuation
  • Transaction schedule
  • Capital gains tax report.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us and we will organise the best time to speak to you. We have offices across the UK, Jersey, Dublin and a DIFC Dubai branch.

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