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Selling your business

Rely on us to manage your investments, so you can enjoy the rewards of years of effort.

Building your business can be an all-encompassing labour of love. But when you move from earning a regular income from your business, to having to invest the proceeds from its sale, will you know how best to invest?

What are my options?

We can help guide you through this process. There is a lot to consider when selling your business, but with Quilter Cheviot you will have a trusted professional investing your money, leaving you to focus on other business decisions.

Your investment manager will work with you to draw up an investment portfolio that looks to the long term, taking into account any uncertainties so you can move on to your next business venture or enjoy a well-earned retirement.

What do I do after I have sold?

If you have already sold your business, we can help as you adjust from having a regular income to having to manage the proceeds from the sale. This often takes the form of a lump sum – do you want to invest it and take out a regular income, or are you going to continue working and invest for long term growth?

What are my options?

It is completely up to you and this depends, to an extent, if you want to carry on working or take retirement. This will dictate the best course of action, but we can help you make this decision by discussing some possible scenarios. You may start planning what to do with your inheritance, or decide to drawdown a pension.  

Share your goals with us

Come and see us so we can start working to get you closer to your personal financial goals.

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