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School fees

Make investing in your children or grandchildren's education part of your financial plan.

We all want the best start in life for our children and this includes ensuring they get a good education. However with school and university fees representing the single biggest expense parents will face, how many families have calculated the total cost or fully planned how they will fund it?

How can I plan for such a long term outgoing?

Your dedicated investment manager will work with you to plan for this sizeable financial commitment in the same way as any other long-term investment.

Our aim is to tailor your investments to help you ensure your children have the financial support to fund their education all the way from school through to university.

Selecting the right school for your children can be a challenge for parents who want to make the most of their investment. We have put together a useful list of the top 15 questions to ask a school's head teacher, available to download via the link below. 

15 key questions

How can I make sure my children get a good education?

We know that education starts before school, so you should start considering your children’s development from nursery, to school, through to university, sooner rather than later. With careful planning and capital allocation now, you can improve the options available to your children. 

What are the costs involved in education?

Private school fees have risen sharply over the past decade and consequently, paying for education has become far tougher. Add to that any nursery fees and university fees and parents are looking at hundreds of thousands of pounds before their children even reach the age of 21. 

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