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Later in life

Enjoy life safe in the knowledge that long-term care costs are covered.

We are enjoying longer lives than ever before, but affording quality long-term care later in life can be a concern for many. 

What plans can I put in place now?

Your investment manager can work with you to review your circumstances and tailor an investment portfolio so that you and your family have a good understanding of the levels of financial support you can afford when the time comes, should you or a loved one need long-term care.

How soon do I need to take action?

The sooner you invest, the better. Not only will this maximise the return on your investment, but the longer you are invested the more risk is moderated overall. Getting the most from your investments should mean that more opportunities are available to you. 

How do you know what I will need?

Is there anything else you want to take into account aside from care costs? Have you made allowances for healthcare? What are essential expenses and what are optional costs? Having a plan in place can help you to make adjustments sooner rather than later if necessary. 

Share your goals with us

Come and see us so we can start working to get you closer to your personal financial goals.

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