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The Fund Buyer is where Nick Wood, Head of Fund Research, and his team share what they are seeing from the fund managers they talk to and monitor. Both Nick and his team are well placed to comment on what managers are doing; they typically hold over 800 meetings with fund managers each year, and currently provide research on over 300 active funds and investment trusts, along with their coverage of passive funds. The team bring together and compare funds, managers and market trends, giving you the latest investment news from across the world.

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The big three – Ben Rogoff of Polar Capital

The big three – Nick Kirrage of Schroders

The growth in Big data

Meet the Fund Research team

Nick Wood
Head of Investment Fund Research
Melissa Scaramellini
Fund Research Analyst
Richard Carter
Head of Fixed Interest Research
Jade Coysh
Fund Research Analyst
Yeit Lee
Fund Research Analyst
Robert Wilson
Fund Research Analyst
Carly Moorhouse
Fund Research Analyst
Oliver Creasey
Equity Research Analyst
Matt Ennion
Fund Research Analyst

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Fund Buyer
In this week’s Fund Buyer we discuss how best to ensure alignment of interests between fund manager and investor, what is best practice and should Europe follow the US in requiring fund managers to disclose whether they are invested in their own fund?
Fund Buyer
In this week’s Big Three, we speak to Ben Rogoff, who heads the technology team at Polar Capital. As well as talking about how he got into the industry, we discuss what it means to be a technology investor and more.
Fund Buyer
Marking the Fund Buyer's one year anniversary, I wanted to take the opportunity to look back on what we covered in the last 12 months, but one headline that caught my attention this week was Nick Train who had felt the need to apologise to shareholders for a recent weak performance - but did he need to?
Fund Buyer
Every year our use and creation of data grows exponentially. It impacts every part of our lives and is only likely to continue growing, and the investment world is no different. So what is 'Big Data' and how is it used within investing?