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The Fund Buyer is where Nick Wood, Head of Fund Research, and his team share what they are seeing from the fund managers they talk to and monitor. Both Nick and his team are well placed to comment on what managers are doing; they typically hold over 800 meetings with fund managers each year, and currently provide research on over 300 active funds and investment trusts, along with their coverage of passive funds. The team bring together and compare funds, managers and market trends, giving you the latest investment news from across the world.

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Jade Coysh
Fund Research Analyst
Ernst Knacke
Fund Research Analyst
Yeit Lee
Fund Research Analyst
Melissa Scaramellini
Fund Research Analyst
Robert Wilson
Fund Research Analyst
Carly Moorhouse
Fund Research Analyst
Oliver Creasey
Equity Research Analyst
Richard Carter
Head of Fixed Interest Research
Nick Wood
Head of Investment Fund Research
Matt Ennion
Fund Research Analyst

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Fund Buyer
The Covid-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for change in the investment management profession. It’s rare to meet with a fund manager and not hear views on how some parts of the market are benefiting from the acceleration of long-term trends, while others are seeing their declines hastened.
Fund Buyer
Today we’re going to take a look at private equity and what place it might have in an individual’s overall portfolio. I’m going to start with a couple statistics I’ve seen recently which helps put some context around what has been a fairly significant move towards investing in unquoted companies.
Fund Buyer
Today I’m going to turn my attention to China. That in itself is something I think every investor is going to have to do in the next 10-20 years.
Fund Buyer
In my last post on fund research, I talked about thematic investments and mega-trends, and in many ways, the biggest mega-trend in investing at present is responsible investing in its various forms. It’s clearly an area that’s had a lot of coverage but I’m going to touch upon a few areas from the point of view of a fund selection team.