We can manage investments inside a number of wrapper accounts

A ‘wrapper’ is simply an account that can be ‘wrapped’ around your investments to give them a level of protection from tax. Different wrappers offer different levels of flexibility and return.

Your dedicated Quilter Cheviot investment manager will be able to manage your investments within these wrappers ensuring you take advantage of any tax savings where relevant.


  • Accounts in which the income and gains generated are not subject to additional tax and do not have to be declared on your tax return.
  • You can transfer ISAs from other managers to our management, as well as adding to them annually within your allowance.

Personal pensions including SIPPs

  • Gains and income generated within the pension are not subject to tax.
  • You can transfer funds to our management within an existing personal pension.

Offshore bonds

  • Bonds invested in overseas jurisdictions, which are not subject to tax until brought back onshore.
  • These can also limit your exposure to tax.

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