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We tend to take electricity for granted. It almost seems like an old fashioned technology, developed by nineteenth century figures like Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla, and fathered by scientists such as Michael Faraday who first experimented with it in the 1830s.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is a form of investing which involves assessing companies based on their  environmental, social and governance characteristics, as well as more traditional metrics such as profitability or market opportunity. Some might argue this is not new, as factors such as reputational risk and regulatory developments have always been part of fundamental analysis and risk assessment. However, the ESG approach involves a more systematic consideration of specific issues throughout the entire investment process.

In recent years, investors have become concerned about investing in oil and gas producers. The expected energy transition away from fossil fuels, driven by the need to combat climate change, has raised concerns that the value of many oil and gas producers’ reserves is in terminal decline. From this perspective, it is only a matter of time before these companies are sitting on stranded assets, having developed significant reserves of oil and gas for which there is no commercial market.

Investment Insights

CLIMATE ASSETS FUND: The Obesity Epidemic

21 August 2018

The government drive to tackle obesity and avoid strains on the NHS offers a wealth of opportunities for investors within the science, food manufacturing and healthcare industries.