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Paul Bolt is the professional connections director at Quilter Cheviot. He is also our in-house wine expert. In May 2017 Paul was inducted as a Chevalier (Knight) of the Order of the Coteaux de Champagne; a great honour indeed.

Gardening Club author Anne Swithinbank is a trained horticulturist, freelance gardening broadcaster and writer, Anne shares tips and advice to keep your garden in perfect shape through the four seasons.

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Bank deposit accounts are a useful way to store everyday cash and the savings you need to be able to easily access. Despite the recent prevalence of historically low interest rates cautious investors have been happy to sit in cash deposits in what has been a relatively benign inflationary environment.
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The FTSE 100 is called to open 66 points higher at 5908. U.S. and European equity-index futures gained on Monday along with stocks in Asia as China’s ongoing economic recovery countered some of the concerns sparked by rising global coronavirus cases.
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In an election where the two major candidates have very different views on the environment as well as social issues the outcome could be profound for climate change and society as a whole.
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Understanding how to spot the signs of vulnerability and ensuring that the appropriate levels of care are in place within an adviser firm can be challenging.
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Paul Bolt is our in-house wine expert. In May this year, Paul was inducted as a Chevalier (Knight) of the Order of the Coteaux de Champagne; a great honour indeed.

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