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Investing for Income

Low interest rates, political uncertainty and new challenges for the world economy mean that investing for income has become particularly challenging.

However, your investment manager has a wealth of resources at their disposal, including a well-resourced research team, enabling them to make informed and expert decisions around your investments.

How is it done?

There are various ways we can generate an income from your investments. Some of the most common are:

  • Fixed interest: When you lend a government or company money over a fixed period and you receive a regular payment for doing so.
  • Equities and share dividends: When a company pays a proportion of its earnings to its shareholders.
  • Total return: When portfolio income and growth are combined to provide a total amount for the portfolio, income can be generated by regularly 'drawing down' an amount from the portfolio returns. 

If your circumstances change and you decide to move from a income based strategy to a growth strategy, or if you would like to change your income amount, simply let your investment manager know and they will make the necessary updates to your portfolio.

Bespoke service

Your investment manager is supported by a well-resourced research team, who continuously look for investment opportunities.

You can contact your investment manager directly to answer your questions and carry out your requests when you see fit. This is part of our bespoke service to ensure investing with us is easy and flexible.


Share your goals with us

Come and meet with us so we can start working to get you closer to your personal financial goals.

Straight from the experts

Enjoy articles and infographics from our expert research team, as they discuss their predictions and the rationale behind their investment picks this month.