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Quilter Cheviot theatre

Speakers included travel writer, broadcaster and adventurer Simon Reeve, 2016 Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown; and auctioneer, antiques expert and television presenter Tim Wonnacott.

“What a wonderful headline sponsor Quilter Cheviot has been! A big thank you from everyone here for all that they have contributed to our enjoyment at Countryfile Live,” Tim Wonnacott said following his talk.

The Quilter Cheviot Theatre was hosted by The One Show and Countryfile presenter Joe Crowley across all four days of the event.

Joe Crowley said, “It was a real pleasure to present at the Quilter Cheviot Theatre. There was a fantastic assortment of guest speakers discussing a variety of subject matters, each and every one of them interesting and engaging in their own right. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time interviewing all our speakers!”

Other presenters at the Quilter Cheviot Theatre included TV presenter John Craven, GB Olympic hockey gold medallists Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, and former horse jockey Jonjo O’Neill

Simon Reeve, Author and TV Presenter

Simon discusses how can we support our Oceans, Wildlife Habitat and our Landscape, and how he feels the responsibility of communicating what is happening to the climate, environment and to industries - for the positive and negative. What does it mean for the reindeer herders in remote parts of Russia when their environment is changing around them?

Ross Murray, Country, Land and Business Association

Ross Murray from the Country, Land and Business Association (CLA) talks to Joe Crowley about his post-Brexit vision for farmers, businesses and communities. 

Richard Ballard, Growing Underground

Revolutionising the way we grow our food in the UK: Richard Ballard talks us through the idea of growing microgreens in a deep level shelter underneath Clapham Common and the Northern Line.

Their mission is to integrate sustainability with business, to move towards a low-carbon economy. Using a hydroponic system to minimise water usage and without the use of pesticides, their system is much cleaner, quieter and more efficient.


Martin Harper (RSPB) and Gill Perkins (Bumblebee Conservation Trust)

Martin Harper of the RSPB and Gill Perkins of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust are on stage with Joe Crowley to discuss the state of nature and how we can all engage with nature in order to conserve what is right on our doorstep.

For more from the RSPB and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, click the buttons below. 

The plight of the bumblebee


Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, gold medalists at Rio 2016

Olympians Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh talk through their journey; from the first time they picked up a hockey sick, to taking the Olympic gold at Rio 2016. What changes did they make between London 2012 and Rio 2016 that enabled them to reach this goal? What vision and values did they have and create that helped them get there?

Candice Brown, Winner, The Great British Bake Off

Candice Brown, winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016 joined us at the Quilter Cheviot Theatre to talk with host, Joe Crowley, about her journey from school teacher to winner of one of the UK's favourite cookery shows and cookbook author.

Candice has kindly shared three recipes with us from her new book, Comfort, which you can find by clicking the link below. 


Kathryn Haylett - Your Safari

Kathryn Haylett, founder of Your Safari, talks with Joe Crowley about how she found her passion for safari photography. What makes Etosha, Namibia so great for photography? And what about the thrill that comes when her guests take the 'ultimate photograph'?

Kathryn also offers her top tips for safari photography and how best to capture animals in their natural habitat.

For more of Kathryn's top tips, access her guide below.