Becoming a valued adviser


As a firm, Quilter Cheviot fundamentally believes in the value of financial advice.

Our research shows that without financial advisers, many clients would fail to effectively plan for their financial future, be exposed to significantly higher tax burdens when investing, and be at risk of selling their investments prematurely – put simply, they take more unnecessary risk, and get poorer returns and outcomes.

The value of advice – more than just investment returns alone!

We recognise the value you generate for your clients and by extension, the role you play in enabling our investment performance.

That’s why we have put together the following range of materials to help you explain to clients the value you add, the role of discretionary management within that, and how you can further help build trust with your clients, an essential component in realising good customer outcomes.

Why bother?

As the value generated by all of us is coming under greater scrutiny from clients, the media and the regulator, we have taken an industry-leading role in quantifying the value generated by each of the constituent parts

Never before has there been as much focus on price and value within financial advice as now.

Whilst investment performance has always been easy to measure, the value you generate as financial advisers has been harder to quantify – until now.

Through extensive research, academic expertise and industry knowledge we have started to quantify your real value. At the same time, newly acquired insights from behavioural economics are helping to measure the difference financial advisers make by discouraging their clients’ behavioural mistakes. Only with your work in encouraging clients to stay invested can we deliver truly meaningful long-term investment performance.

What do I get?

We have created a range of materials, resources, tools and thought provokers to help you articulate and amplify the value of your advice – our Valued Adviser Hub, distinct from the value we generate as investment managers.

We hope the following resources will help you articulate and demonstrate the value of advice, and help accelerate trust and credibility in the financial services profession.