Building your value proposition

Building a long-term relationship depends on trust and both parties recognising the value the other party brings to a relationship.

In our experience, not all clients appreciate the value of good financial advice. Therefore, it is important you create and reinforce your value proposition. Our experience tells us that articulating your value proposition during the early stages of your client relationships is best. And one of the best ways to do this is to compile a ‘mission statement’, which allows you to present a highly-personalised description of your advisory practice.

Your mission statement

A mission statement clearly and simply explains what your practice does and how you provide your clients with value. A well-written mission statement explains your advisory approach using simple terms your client will understand, outline the steps you take and shows how they fit together to achieve your client’s goals. Advisers tell us that a good mission statement should also be:

  • Memorable
  • Short and to the point
  • Able to differentiate your practice from competitors’
  • Up-to-date
  • Convincing

A targeted approach

You might decide to consider your clients’ potential needs when listing your services. This approach will help them understand your practice better and will also create the potential for additional business opportunities and referrals over time.

Explain how you will communicate

Effective communication aids client retention. Advisers tell us that responding promptly to client requests, or even better still communicating in a pro-active manner, is essential. This is something that our Business Development team may be able to help you with. Setting the right expectations early in your client relationships, including how you and your clients plan to communicate will pay dividends down the road.

Discuss your fees

An open and transparent discussion about fees, using simple language, is often central to achieving a trusting relationship with your clients. Support your fee discussion with a clear explanation of the services you’ll provide.

Introduce your team

Providing biographies of yourself and your team is a great opportunity to showcase your team’s professional experience, educational background, and any industry certifications.

We would like the opportunity to meet you

We understand the importance of your role as a financial adviser and we would like the opportunity to discuss with you how to add value as a Financial Adviser.

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