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The Fund Buyer is where our Fund Research team share what they are seeing from the fund managers they talk to and monitor. They are well placed to comment what managers are doing – typically holding over 800 meetings with fund managers each year, and currently providing research on over 200 active funds and investment trusts, along with their coverage of passive funds. The team bring together and compare funds, managers and market trends, giving you the latest investment news from across the world

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I’m going to get into the pretty meaty topic of growth versus value. This is a fairly well trodden path amongst investment commentators, but there has been some additional excitement from the value managers in the last couple of weeks as value has had somewhat of a short-term bump, clawing back some lost ground.
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People and business are adjusting to the new reality with financial markets providing the mirror that allows us to see ourselves.
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This is the second in my series of regular updates on the world of funds, investment trusts, ETFs and all things related to Fund Research.
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While we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, this hasn’t stopped the flow of manager departures and changes across the asset management industry. Some of those moves are by choice, some are more forced but investors ultimately face the same dilemma, to stay invested in a fund or move with the manager.