Tax-efficient investing

We can manage investments inside a number of wrapper accounts.

Protecting your clients’ assets from tax is not just about choosing the right wrapper. We provide advisers with the ability to meet all of their clients’ tax planning needs, from tax efficient wrappers to ongoing Capital Gains Tax (CGT) management of a portfolio.
We manage investments across the full range of tax efficient wrappers, including ISAs, SIPPs, and offshore bonds. Our AIM investment service is also available for clients concerned about inheritance tax and estate planning.


Our flexible ISA service allows clients to move money in and out of their ISA without it affecting the annual contribution allowance. If you choose to do so, we can automatically move investments from a general investment account to an ISA at the start of each tax year, ensuring the full allowance is used in compliance with HMRC rules and regulations.

We are used to managing investments across both ISAs and Junior ISAs, tailoring each portfolio according to the investment objectives of our clients.

SIPPs and pensions

We manage self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) across all the major providers and across a wide range of structures including defined benefit, defined contribution, small self-administered schemes (SSAS) and group self-invested personal pensions (group SIPPs).

Offshore bonds

We can manage the underlying investments of offshore bonds through a large number of providers. We have considerable expertise in managing portfolios within offshore bond structures, invested either wholly in collectives or in a combination of direct and collective investment, as permitted by some providers.

Quilter Cheviot’s AIM Strategy for Business Property Relief

The Quilter Cheviot AIM Strategy is available for clients who are thinking about estate planning and want to reduce their inheritance tax liability. By investing in companies on the Alternative Investment Market, clients can benefit from Business Property
 where investments that have been held for more than two years can be passed on, tax free, on death.

Ongoing Capital Gains Tax management

Our ongoing management of a clients’ capital gains position is designed to save you time and simplify the management of capital gains. We provide HRMC compliant tax reporting, help you establish your clients’ assets and ownership history, and manage down tax liabilities over time.

We work with advisers and clients to understand what investments they hold altogether. Private clients often overlook historic paperwork and investment records which can lead to forgotten assets. Our investment managers talk to clients to ascertain what assets they hold, while our valuation team does the hard work of establishing asset history.

Our valuation team will contact share registrars and review historical records to establish a timeline of events that may affect the CGT management of an investment, such as corporate actions.

We can even include assets held outside our platform in our ongoing tax management, such as buy-to-let property or cherished holdings.

Our tax management can significantly reduce your workload and even reduce your PI insurance contributions. By outsourcing the trading of direct stocks and shares, you avoid the need for FCA permissions to trade stocks. At the same time, our dedicated in-house Dealing team means your clients get the best available price in the market without having to pay trading costs.

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