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Novia Platform

Quilter Cheviot is working with Novia and professional advisers to provide clients with a discretionary investment management solution through the Novia wrap platform.

6 active investment strategies

There is a choice of six active investment strategies to meet a range of varying financial objectives, enabling advisers to choose one that best matches their clients’ investment objectives and attitude to risk.

Four of our core investment strategies are also available in a lower-cost format via our MPS Index (IDX) strategies. Building upon our tradition of successful and innovative partnership with financial advisers, the IDX strategies offer a range of actively managed, multi-asset portfolios constructed predominantly from index-tracking funds.

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Our approach

Successful investment requires a constantly evolving approach given the dynamic world in which we live. Our investment process keeps ahead of today’s changing markets and is flexible enough to accommodate the full spectrum of clients’ risk / return requirements. Our substantial resource of dedicated research analysts and an experienced investment team ensures we are able to identify future trends, select the funds positioned to exploit them and to blend them into a range of optimal collective investment portfolios.