We typically offer our DPS service to individuals wishing to invest more than £200,000.

We recognise your relationship with your client is paramount. We do not offer financial planning or pension advice at Quilter Cheviot. Our sole focus is on investment management and working with you to provide the best outcome for your client.

We are willing to attend your client meetings and work with you as your client’s advocate. Correspondence, including statements and reports, can be copied to you or, if authorised, can be directed to you.

Spend more time developing your business

Our Discretionary Portfolio Service (DPS) effectively frees you from the day-to-day administrative and risk burden of managing your client’s portfolio, leaving you with more time to develop your business.

Dedicated investment manager

A readily available, dedicated investment manager will work with you and your client to ensure they benefit from a truly bespoke portfolio. They will continually manage every aspect of your client’s portfolio, ensuring it complements the financial plan you have put in place for your client.

Strong working relationship

Building a strong working relationship with you, based on reliability, professionalism, accessibility and empathy, is key to providing you and your client with an excellent service. This personal approach is mirrored in the professional way we manage your client’s investments.

Impartial investment advice

The facility to accommodate treasured (cherished) assets without compromising portfolio objectives or asset allocation.

How financial advisers add value?

Few people have the time or expertise to successfully invest their capital, especially as their wealth grows and their financial circumstances become increasingly complex. This is why financial advisors have such a valuable service to offer.

A network of support

  • Active portfolio management by investment managers with an average of 19 years’ investment experience, able to act quickly to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.
  • Access to our well-resourced in-house research team, which works alongside your investment manager, saving you the cost of portfolio investment due diligence.
  • Direct accountability to you from the Quilter Cheviot investment, business development and administration teams responsible for providing our services to your business.

Active management

  • Access to direct UK and International equity and fixed-income investment, reducing portfolio cost and increasing diversification benefits.
  • Portfolios matched to individual client risk appetites and objectives, including the ability to run specialist mandates.
  • An optional ethical screening service for clients wishing to avoid investment in particular sectors, industries or individual companies.

Ongoing support

  • Access to an extensive range of tax wrappers: ISAs, pensions (SIPPs, family SIPPS, SSASs, QROPS) and offshore bonds.
  • Effective capital gains tax (CGT) management, including the in-specie transfer of existing investments and controlled disposal of segregated liabilities within your client’s annual CGT allowance.
  • Full custody, portfolio administration and comprehensive reporting services (including valuation, CGT report, tax-year end and online reporting) all included within a competitive annual management charge.

Next step

Our first step is to provide you and your client with an investment proposal. The proposal will be an outline portfolio, based on one of our guideline strategies, with the choice of strategy determined by preliminary information obtained from you.

We will normally ask for an estimated portfolio value, your assessment of the client’s attitude to risk and some outline investment objectives. Further information around any likely investment restrictions or required account types is also useful, but not essential. If you have completed a client fact find, we can use this as a basis for our background information on your client.

Once you and your client have reviewed the investment proposal and you decide to proceed we will arrange a face-to-face meeting with both of you. Although not essential, a meeting in person is our preferred option as it allows our manager to discuss your client’s requirements in detail and ensure that the portfolio we actually implement is the most suitable for your client’s individual investment requirements

Once all parties are agreed on the proposed investment portfolio we will provide you with the appropriate Quilter Cheviot application form and guide you through our account sign-up requirements.

If you would like more information

We would be happy to send you our Managed Portfolio Service brochure or discuss it in person.

Would you like to review your portfolio or speak to an investment manager?

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