Discussing fees

We suggest an open and transparent discussion about fees, using simple language, is central to achieving a trusting relationship with your client.

Valuing your service

Perhaps explain that you don’t simply pick investments for your clients. You provide a holistic financial advice service, which takes into account all of their specific needs, enabling them to achieve their long-term investment goals. The full breadth of this expertise is covered by your fees.

What you bring to the table

As a skilled financial adviser you are able to:

  • Fully understand your client’s aspirations and reasons for investing.
  • Help create an investment strategy that meets short- and long-term needs.
  • Determine which investments are the best fit for your client’s aspirations and the investment strategy you have developed for them.
  • Determine which provider/providers will deliver the most suitable outcomes for your client.
  • Ensure your client’s financial plan remains on track. Advise and decide changes when necessary.
  • Identify tax-saving opportunities for your client and select structures or products that could mitigate the effects of tax on their investments.
  • Help your client to remain focused on their investment goals; be an objective voice for them, ensuring their focus remains on long-term goals and assuage any short-term concerns.

Contact us

Discussing your fees can be awkward for advisors and clients alike, we would be happy to discuss with you some techniques and worked examples how this conversation can be an opportunity for you to present your value.

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