Even the most confident of investors can sometimes be unsettled by market conditions, leading to questions about the financial plans set in place on their behalf.

Low-growth environment

Clients can have an emotional reaction to adversity. Help your client see the rational, bigger picture, and maintain a long-term investment view, during periods of low growth.

Chasing performance

You may have experience of a client tempted by a ‘hot tip’ or an investment that has recently out performed, but if they acted on this, they risked ‘chasing performance’ – buying high and selling low. 

We have worked with Quilter Cheviot for many years. We trust their integrity and honesty in helping us generate as much income as possible to allow us to meet the demands for educational and welfare support for children associated with our trade, whilst also protecting our capital so we can help future generations.

Ken Young, Former Chairman of the Finance Committee, Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust

Discussing fees

We suggest an open and transparent discussion about fees, using simple language, is central to achieving a trusting relationship with your client.

Implementing changes to portfolios

You may occasionally run into resistance from your client when implementing the portfolio changes necessary to deliver their financial plan.

We recently conducted a review of our investment requirements. The experienced team at Quilter Cheviot helped us to identify demanding targets for our portfolio, and subsequently to exceed them.

Peter Hakim, Former Treasurer, The Royal Medical Foundation of Epsom College

Market volatility

Even the most confident investors may be unsettled by market ups and downs. That is why advisers tell us it is important to help clients understand that market volatility is a normal part of investing.

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