Leveraging social media

The growth and importance of social media in the previous decade has been astounding and undeniable. Popularity in platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more have demonstrated the importance of efficiently leveraging social media and innovating within your marketing and brand to utilise these tools.

Social media now gives you a great opportunity to gain insight, show thought leadership and build rapport with your clients, prospects as well as B2B.

Social media in focus

When building your social media strategy, it may help to focus on these four key questions:

  • What social media platforms are your clients most likely to use?
    Finding out which social media platform your clients utilise can be as simple as asking clients in review meetings and in questionnaires.
  • How can different platforms work for you?
    Taking the time to research each platform and how you can utilise them is vital. Set up your account and explore the options available to you, additionally there are a plethora of “how to” guides available. Even some of the most experienced social media experts are constantly learning about new tools and updating their knowledge repertoires.
  • What available resources do you have?
    If your time is limited, perhaps focus on one platform and share existing content produced by industry leaders and commentators. Curating content in this way, and crediting the author, is common on social media and can show you have your finger on the pulse. Consider what content you already use on your existing client communication channels, (such as videos, newsletters and blogs) and how you could re-purpose this content for social media. Later on you can reflect on what different types of content works for your specific audience and use this knowledge to strategize in future.
  • How can social media promote and support your existing goals?
    Although developing social media content is important to understand, grasp and deploy the key is a seamless integration with your current marketing strategy.

Do you want to grow your social media presence?

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