Costs and Charges

From the first meeting with your client’s dedicated investment manager, we will keep you fully informed of any charges relating to your client’s investments.

We apply a quarterly management charge, calculated as a percentage of your client’s portfolio. This includes all aspects of portfolio management, reporting, review meetings, general administration and, where appropriate, any costs for providing custody of assets. Our management charge will be subject to VAT, although there are some exceptions.

Facilitation of an adviser fee

If you wish to take an adviser fee on your client’s portfolio, your client should complete our adviser fee schedule, which is on the reverse of our Schedule of Charges. We will deduct the agreed fee quarterly and pay this to you. Please take care when considering the VAT position of your adviser fee.

Quilter Cheviot Core Charges

Quilter Cheviot Initial Charges

Quilter Cheviot Additional Charges

* For estates in administration, on notification of death, the portfolio is switched to our ‘Execution Only’ service which does not attract the Annual Management Charge or the Custody Charge. Upon receipt of valid instructions from the Executors of the estate, we will either (a) liquidate the portfolio and charge our standard Dealing commission and Transfer Out Charge for doing so, or (b) reinvest the cash and assets into a new portfolio(s) which will attract the relevant charges for the service chosen.

Quilter Cheviot Dealing Charges

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