Responsible Investing

As a responsible investor, Quilter Cheviot is committed to its role as a steward of clients’ assets in order to protect and enhance long-term returns. This encompasses our engagement with investee companies, through proxy voting and face-to-face dialogue, as well as taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors which could impact shareholder returns.

Quilter Cheviot aims to meet the challenges of a dynamic market environment to deliver the investment performance that provides its clients with the outcomes they require to meet their financial aspirations.

Acting as a steward

In our capacity as an investment manager, we act as steward for our clients’ assets. Company shares usually carry voting rights and exercising these enables shareholders to express their view and engage with companies to support the creation of wealth, benefitting shareholders and the wider economy.

Using voting rights

As a responsible investor we will use voting rights (where appropriate) in order to further the economic interests of our clients and we have established a set of voting principles which guide how we vote.

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