Reporting and administration

There is a great weight of responsibility that comes with being a Trustee and you should not have to wade through thoughtless communication. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored reporting and effective administration by taking a hands on approach.


Open, two-way dialogue is the key to a successful relationship. Part of our role is to help you make informed decisions in the best interest of your organisation. To achieve this, we aim to maintain an in depth understanding of the aspirations and challenges facing your organisation.


We are conscious of the increasing responsibility and compliance facing charities. We use our experience to help clients in many ways:

  • Achieve the investment strategy
  • Drafting an investment policy
  • One-to-one meetings with new trustees as part of their induction
  • Charity briefing notes


We work with you to make sure our quarterly reports are relevant and concise. We work with you to adapt our reporting to meet your requirements. We provide online reporting. For the annual report we will produce all the relevant information on your investments needed by your auditor.


We meet most charity clients at least twice a year.


To ensure we provide seamless administration, we do not subcontract administration or custody. We will answer all your questions and provide all the documents as required.

New clients

It may be daunting when setting up a new account. We help with all documentation to make the process as straight forward as we can by being there every step of the way.

Adding value

For many trustees, investment is not their main area of expertise but they are ultimately responsible for finance of their organisation. Part of our job is to act as a sounding board, adding our considerable knowledge and expertise to the debate thereby helping our clients make informed decisions. Helping Trustees and staff keep up to date and informed is a key part of our overall service. As well as providing one to one meetings for new Trustees, we organise a rolling programme of seminars and publish articles and guides on a wide range of subjects (not just investment).

If you want to know more

Come and see us so we can tell you more about how we work with Charities.

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Charles Mesquita is a charity specialist with over 30 years’ investment experience.  He is a trustee of three organisation and is passionate about helping charities make informed decisions.