At Quilter Cheviot, we work together with passion to help hundreds of charities build better financial futures. Our people are passionate about what they do and focused on performing at the highest levels. They are dedicated to putting the needs of clients first and to bringing new and innovative approaches to their work. They challenge themselves and others. 

Meet the central charity team

Howard Jenner
Executive Director
Charles Mesquita
Charities Director
Gemma Woodward
Executive Director and Director of Responsible Investment
William Reid
Head of Charities

Meet the Belfast charity team

Paul Gibbons
Investment Manager
Chris Taggart
Head of Belfast Office

Meet the Birmingham charity team

Tom Haydon
Investment Director
Mark Stone
Executive Director

Meet the Bristol charity team

Wilf Blake
Investment Manager
Toby Saunders
Investment Manager

Meet the Quilter Cheviot Europe charity team

Nicola Chapman
Investment Manager
Eoin McBennett
Investment Manager
Stephen Rooney
Investment Director

Meet the Edinburgh charity team

Richard Taylor
Deputy Head of Edinburgh Office

Meet the Glasgow charity team

Gillian Bailey
Investment Director
Gavin Mahindru
Investment Director

Meet the Jersey charity team

Francis Clayton
Executive Director

Meet the Leicester charity team

Andy Gray
Investment Manager
Tim Horrocks
Investment Manager

Meet the Liverpool charity team

Peter Tod
Investment Director
John Willis
Investment Manager

Meet the London charity team

Duncan Gwyther
Chief Investment Officer
Ben Harwood
Investment Director
Suneet Kumar
Investment Manager
Dominic Tayler
Investment Director

Meet the Manchester charity team

Andrew Diakou
Executive Director
David Rothburn
Investment Manager

Meet the Salisbury charity team

Tom Almond
Head of Salisbury Office
Andrew Cornwell
Investment Manager

If you want to know more

Come and see us so we can tell you more about how we work with Charities.

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