Our investment philosophy ensures that our process is entirely open and understood

Understanding and delivering charities’ objectives

Our investment philosophy is designed to ensure that our process is entirely open and understood. This works on the principle that the best returns are achieved when we work alongside trustees and officers of the charity to foster clear and open communication. For us it is important to understand what the purpose of the investment portfolio is. For some charities the portfolio is a critical (and potentially sole) source of income. For others it represents long term reserves where the income is not important. We are mindful that the portfolio is there to further the charity’s objectives and therefore this has to be the guiding principle behind the structure of any investments.


  • Expenditure plans
  • Overall objective for the portfolio
  • Income requirements and growth of income
  • Risk profile
  • Ethical requirements

Our investment services

The majority of our charity clients appoint us on a discretionary basis. This means that once we have agreed the investment guidelines (as detailed in the charity’s Statement of Investment Policy), we will then actively manage the portfolio in line with these. We will report to the Trustees formally on a quarterly basis, and as and when required.

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