For us it is important to understand the purpose of a charity’s investment portfolio. For some charities, the portfolio is a critical source of income. For others, it represents long-term reserves where the level of income generated is important but it is imperative to preserve the real value and to maintain liquidity. It is therefore essential to remain mindful that the portfolio exists to meet these objectives and this must be the guiding principle behind the structure of any investment portfolio.

Working with you – at the beginning

Before we provide a definitive recommendation to any potential charity client we facilitate a discussion with the Trustees regarding the appropriate risk profile for the return target they wish to achieve, as well as discussing any ethical considerations that the charity might wish to incorporate.


Our experience and expertise helps Trustees assess the right investment strategy for the charity. We work with the Trustees to explore the various options to achieve particular outcomes and to define the potential risk and rewards of adopting particular strategies for the organisation.

Working with you – on an on-going basis

We believe that a critical part of the service we offer our charity clients is providing initial and on-going advice on the investment portfolio; a particularly important part of this is the asset allocation which may at times require flexibility in order to meet the charity’s requirements which may change over time.

If you want to know more

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