What are the key challenges facing charities in the sector?

Catherine Rustomji, partner and head of charities at Browne Jacobson LLP highlights the different challenges charities face in today’s environment.

As part of our educational programme for charities, and in response to the pandemic, we have created a series of webinars. The webinars are designed to help trustees through this period of uncertainty by covering a range of topics from fundraising to strategy. 


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Join Sebastian Scott and Richard Carter as they take a look at recent market and economic developments, including the latest unemployment numbers from the US and gold hitting new all-time highs.
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The FTSE 100 is called to open 40 points higher at 6090. U.S. futures climbed and Asian stocks gained the most in a week on Tuesday after a drop in coronavirus hospitalizations in some U.S. states, even as global cases topped 20 million. The dollar slipped. Japanese and Hong Kong equities rose more than 2%. Shares advanced in Australia and South Korea.
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In this week’s Diary, news from Switzerland, New Zealand and the rest of the world, together with a few observations about the ‘dark art’ of fund management during times of change.
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Join Sebastian Scott, Richard Carter and Robert Wilson as they discuss the rise in coronavirus cases and what this means for the economy with Rob contributing his thoughts on where investors can find alternative income.