In 2018, Quilter Cheviot announced the launch of our Dementia Initiative, a company-wide effort to raise awareness of dementia and train staff in how to support people living with the condition.

Our work below includes articles introducing dementia and how to manage your finances, as well as a list of useful resources for those with the condition, put together by The Brain Charity. 

We hope you find the following material useful. If you have any questions, however, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page. 

Dementia help

Dementia is a growing problem across the world, with 9.9 million new cases diagnosed each year across the globe. Awareness of the disease remains relatively low, however, with people often choosing to avoid the subject.


Dementia updates

We have worked on improving our own understanding of dementia and how to help people with the condition. Read updates on our ‘Dementia Champions’ and our partnership with The Brain Charity, whom we recently awarded £150,000 for an innovative music and dance programme.

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Other issues

Our ‘Other issues’ page provides useful information on how to handle your finances in later life, key information on lasting power of attorney (i.e. a document to help someone manage the finances of another person) and useful tips from Dr Dawn Harper, one of Britain’s leading public health professionals.

850 000 people living with dementia in the UK
9.9 million new cases of dementia each year worldwide
40000 people with dementia under the age of 65

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