About the Fund

For many charities, accessing investments may be overly onerous in terms of cost and administration. In some cases investing through a fund may be beneficial. For that reason we have developed the Quilter Cheviot Global Income and Growth Fund for Charities, managed in line with our long-term approach to charity investments.

The investment objective of the Fund is to both grow the capital value and provide income over the long term. We appreciate that it is important for charities to maintain purchasing power, (keeping pace with inflation), as well as to generate a return above inflation in order to fund current and future commitments.

We do not invest in companies whose primary business is producing or manufacturing tobacco; and as a company we do not invest in businesses which make controversial weapons. The Fund is for UK charities only.

Why invest in the Fund

  • It offers a multi-asset approach focused on growing both the capital and the income over the long-term
  • Daily dealing
  • A Charity Authorised Investment Fund (CAIF) is a new investment vehicle designed specifically for charities that qualify for UK tax relief
  • Management fees are exempt from VAT

Investment objective

  • The Fund will aim to deliver an annualised total return, the target benchmark, of 3.5% above the UK Consumer Prices Index (CPI) over the medium term
  • The Fund invests in a mix of direct equities (primarily in the UK, US and Europe) and bonds, as well as via funds to gain exposure to specialist areas such as property, infrastructure and also to equities in other geographic areas
  • The Fund is defined as having a medium risk profile (for more information please refer to the brochure)

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