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Advising female clients: Pension Provision

Date: 15 June 2021

Pension Provision

Pension provision is one of the cornerstones of ensuring a comfortable retirement and with women living longer than men, and often finding themselves with smaller pension pots, we want to explore the best ways for women to save for their pension early on in life as well as helping women make informed decisions about how they can achieve the retirement they are looking for. The choices we make during the course of our lives can have profound and long term effects and we are delighted to be joined by Life Coach Liz Pollard who will explore how to “Boost your confidence with 5 bold moves!”

We all have the power within us to achieve our goals and achieve financial freedom, but so many obstacles can get in the way, not least our own self belief! Lack of confidence can affect our career progression, make us feel ‘stuck’ and cause us to question our decisions. Many women find themselves in later life with regrets of what ‘might have been’ and searching for their true purpose. In this session Liz shares the story of how she left a well paid corporate job to purse her dream and how it’s never too late to make a bold move!

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