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The next big thing and wine gadget of the month

The next big thing

Fashionable trend setter isn’t really how I’d describe myself. I wouldn’t say I’m boring, but I am more traditional when it comes to how I live my life: especially when it comes to wine.

However, I think I can be one of the first to market in what I think could be the next big thing; wine in cans. I was at the international wine fair in May and tried a range of wines that came in the equivalent of a Coke tin. I was genuinely blown away with the quality.

The one that impressed me most was the Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir from California. I’ve known this wine for years and seek it out as a good quality value buy when I see it on a wine list. I tasted it from the can (which incidentally is the equivalent to a half bottle) and I couldn’t make a differentiation from the same wine from bottle. I’m certain these wines are made to drink young as oxygen will infiltrate relatively quickly through the tin but providing you drink them whilst they are young they offer a great alternative. They are lighter, smaller and easier to carry than a bottle, less prone to damage, easier to open and remain chilled for longer.

I can’t see myself swigging from the can itself so the need of a glass still exists however I think over the coming years you can expect to see a decent range of wines by the can on our shelves and if the quality is as good as the Cycles Gladiator I think that’s a step in the right direction.

You heard it here first!

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