Offshore Investment

Investing offshore involves moving your money outside of your home country and investing it in foreign (offshore) investments.

Your money will also tend to be invested in a currency different to that of your country of residence.

Why invest offshore?

Moving money to an offshore jurisdiction is a common way both large and small-scale investors can take advantage of potentially higher rates of return and tax benefits of that jurisdiction.

Another reason offshore investment is popular is because the level of regulation can be less onerous, and the offshore investment provider has greater freedom to invest.

At Quilter Cheviot, we can manage your bespoke investment portfolio from our offshore offices in Jersey and a DIFC Dubai branch. We already do this for private clients, trusts, charities and pension funds.

It’s important to note that Quilter Cheviot cannot advise you about your tax affairs. You are strongly recommended to take independent tax advice if you are in any doubt at all about your tax status.

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